Sthannfas Shipping Agencies entered into marine services business in the year 1936. This successful journey of 80 years has been motivated us to be the best Stevedoring service provider at present and in the future. The Company provides a range of material handling services including stevedoring, iron ore and coal handling, warehousing for a collection of goods, including project cargos, bulk products, freight forwarding, steamer agent, transport contractor etc.

History – Our Journey of 80 years

In 1936 KAPAL CHEYYABBA, Shesharkana House, Alekala, Ullal, Mangalore, Karnataka, India is one of the best Stevedores in the old Mangalore Port anchorage. After him his son Hasan Cheyyabba took over his work of Stevedores contracting till 1970. From 1981 onwards the work was continued by the 3rd generation Cheyyabba’s i.e. Hasan Cheyyabba’s sons C H Ullal and Late Ullal Shiraj Hasan in the new Mangalore Port.




We have been handling general cargos for many years. In the year 1983 we handled Cements 4,25,000tons for which we were awarded with Prestigious National Safety Award by Shipping Minster Mr.Tivari. We are expertise in handling coal vessels, iron ore and stevedoring works.

Our Team

Presently we have highly skilled Foreman's, Supervisors and Thandals. We are also well equipped with Tipper, Loaders etc. Earlier under our Management we had about 225 labourers among which they were Winch man, Hatch Worker, Signal Men and Shore Workers. These Labourers were under our Management even when the port trust took over. Now the labourers still exists in the Mangalore port which makes our work easier and smoothly operation.

We have expertise to handle

  • Iron Ore Ships
  • Coal Ships
  • Marine Food Products
  • Bagged Cargo
  • Granite Vessels
  • Liner Vessels
  • Acid, Chemical, Gas Vessels
  • Tankers
  • Timber Logs